Current committee members:

  • Chair: Di Smith
  • Treasurer: Malcolm Collins
  • Secretary: Andy McCaffrey
  • Maggie Port
  • Paul Humphriss
  • Diane White


Di Smith. Chair: chair meetings, introduce speakers, club strategy, plan ahead. Publicity: update website, write ups for local publications, advertising, fliers, posters.

Malcolm Collins. Treasurer: keep accounts, manage payments in and out, insurance. Book rooms, keep register of attendance, collect subs.

Andy McCaffrey. Secretary: record and circulate minutes, book speakers, retrieve and engrave trophies.

Manage club clothing. Membership registration and next of kin, meet and greet new members, hand out badges,  (Hythe Library display).

Paul Humphriss. Newsletter editor, publish online – and print a few copies, tutor, purchase and maintain tools, equipment and wood, make wood blanks for beginners, run ‘shop’.

Maggie Port.  Keep lists of equipment and its whereabouts, store some equipment including woodblocks.

Diane White.


Oct 1983     J. Edinborough (Acting)

Sep 1986     C. W. Kocher

Feb 1989     P. Reynolds

Feb 1991     P. Humphriss

Feb 1994     R. Colebrook

Feb 1998     C. Wicks (Acting)

Feb 2000    C. Wicks

Feb 2001    R. Colebrook

Feb 2010    R. Elliott

Sep 2020   D. Smith