Revision No 5: 2012

  1. The name of the Waterside Guild of Woodcarvers has been changed to Waterside Woodcarvers.
  2. Mr I Fountain to be known as the Founder Member of the Waterside Guild of Woodcarvers, now known as Waterside Woodcarvers.

Purpose of the Waterside Woodcarvers

  1. It is to encourage past, present and future members to share their interest in woodcarving by meetings, demonstrations, discussions, visits and to display their work at exhibitions.


4a. Funds to be raised by subscriptions of members, entry fees to guests, raffles and by other fund-raising activities. Finances are controlled at all times by two signatories who are also elected members of the committee, whose signatures will be deposited at the bank.

4b. Finances to be audited annually and to be presented at each current AGM.

4c. Should the number of subscribing members fall to a level whereby viability between income and expenditure is drastically impaired, consideration must be given to the possible demise of the Waterside Woodcarvers. If no solution is reached after careful exploration, discussion and vote, an audit should be made and capital distributed equally between the remaining members.


  1. To be reviewed annually. Subscriptions due on or before the AGM each year.

Committee Members

6a. The committee shall comprise of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and up to 4 members.

6b. The committee shall retire annually.

6c. Nominations for election of committee members at the AGM must be lodged with the Secretary by 31 December.

6d. All nominees to be proposed and seconded with prior consent of nominee.

Honorary Members

7a Proposed names for Hon. Members to be submitted to committee for discussion at a future meeting.

7b. Selection of Hon. Members to be ratified at a monthly meeting.

7c. Qualification of Hon. Members would be for service rendered to Waterside Woodcarvers.

Constitution Changes

  1. Proposed changes to the constitution to be submitted by 30th Nov to the Secretary. At least 25% of voting members to be present at the AGM for discussion of amendments to the constitution.