Waterside Woodcarvers Safeguarding Policy
Waterside Woodcarvers is a small independent club run by and for local members who share an interest in woodcarving. It is run by a committee comprised of elected members. It is open to anyone aged 16 years and over.
Its aim is to promote woodcarving through workshops, discussions, outings, social meetings and displays at local exhibitions. Workshops normally take place fortnightly on a weekday evening at Noadswood School in their woodwork room. Other activities may take place in hired rooms at St
Andrews Church Hall, Dibden Purlieu or other unspecified locations.

Policy Statement

  • Waterside Woodcarvers is committed to best safeguarding practice and to uphold the rights of all adults and young people to live a life free from harm from abuse, exploitation and neglect, regardless of age, ability or disability, sex, race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, marital or gender status.
  • Waterside Woodcarvers is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment and an open, listening culture where people feel able to share concerns without fear of retribution.
  • Waterside Woodcarvers acknowledges that safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility and is committed to creating a culture of zero-tolerance of harm to adults and young people.
  • Waterside Woodcarvers] recognises that health, well-being, ability, disability and need for care and support can affect a person’s resilience. We recognise that some people experience barriers, for example, to communication in raising concerns or seeking help, and that these factors can vary at different points in people’s lives.


  • Waterside Woodcarvers will ensure that all members are aware of the Safeguarding Policy and who to contact if they have any concerns.
  • All suspicions and allegations of abuse and poor practice will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately. Members have a responsibility to report concerns to their Club Safeguarding Officer who may pass information to Social Services.
  • Personal information (name, address, phone, email, emergency contact) will be recorded and stored in line with data protection legislation and guidance.
  • Confidential, detailed and accurate records of all safeguarding concerns will be maintained and securely stored in line with our Data Protection Policy and Procedures.
  • The club will ensure that activities are carried out in a safe physical environment.
  • The club committee will review this policy and practice annually.

Contact details
Nominated Safeguarding Officer: Di Smith. 02380 845787, dianasmith291(at)btinternet.com
For children: Tel 0300 555 1384 (MultiAgencySafeguardingHub), OOH: 0300 555 1373,
For adults: Tel 0300 5551386, OOH: 0300 555 1373 (5pm-8:30am), www.hampshiresab.org.uk