Many thanks to all who have already paid £16 for the autumn term workshops. The new timing of 6.30 start is working well. Welcome to our two new members: Mike and Jax.

As you know, our evening workshops are a vital part of our club. The committee is keen to keep these workshops in just one room, to maintain the great social side and exchange of ideas that takes place. In recent months, our membership has grown to over 40 people.  Although not everyone attends, this creates the potential for overcrowding at our workshops, which would make it difficult for everyone to mix, participate and enjoy themselves. So the committee has decided that we will have a waiting list in future to avoid overcrowding at Noadswood School. This means that new members will be added to the list as existing members leave the club. We understand that this may be disappointing for some people, but we believe that it is necessary to ensure that our workshops remain a positive and inclusive experience for everyone.

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